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World Cup

World Cup 2010 Preview

| by Sports Nickel

First of, a small introduction. My name is Marcelo Goncalves. I am sports fan though I have no apparent area of expertise. I am a freeloader, a traveler with no home, who ventures from sports to sports depending on convenience and if there’s a bandwagon nearby.

One of my passions however is soccer. It runs in my blood and being born in Brazil, I pretty much didn’t have a choice since the Brazilian Congress passed a law allowing the persecution of all non-soccer fanatics. I am forced to like everything about it. The fact that there’s no instant replay. The fact the most players deserve making their Olympic swimming team for their magnificent dives. The fact that there’s only one ref for a field bigger than football. The fact that 0-0 draw isn’t really exciting. Oh, I love it all.
Given that back story, without further ado, here is the ultimate World Cup 2010 South Africa preview. Despite not being an expert on any of these nations, I guarantee that what you read below will happen, I have no doubt in this, since I have yet to be proven wrong. In anything. Also, Lebron James will go to Miami. So there you have it, I hope you enjoy it, and it enlightens you a bit to enjoy the biggest sports event in humankind other than nude chess.

Let the real World Series begin!


Oh Zidane, we miss you and your big bald head. Not only for its physical use, but also for thinking. You see, Zidane was one of the best, and one of the few, at organizing their midfield, so imagine their consistency, or lack thereof, now without him. Ever since Zidane’s retirement, they have played an extremely monotonous, predictable game lacking creativity and intensity. They have the quality, no doubt, but they’ve just put, it seems, lackluster effort these past years. In qualifying, they just had two games with victories of two goals and more. They got the job done, I can’t argue with that, but you would come to expect something more in a fairly easy qualifying group. That being said, they did fair well in the World Cup group draw, this group could’ve been a lot more difficult for them. That doesn’t mean they’ll have any trouble, but they have plenty of veteran experience and talent to move forward.

“Si se puede! Si se puede!” Hey, isn’t that closely resemble “Yes, we can!” ??? Does this mean Obama might be….? Someone should look into this! Anyways, Mexican fans always believe that this might be their year, and this year will be no different. The thing is, that they do have talented players, and this is their fifth consecutive appearance in World Cup competition, they’ve just not been able to make an impact in the elimination stage, let alone meet fans’ expectations. I do think they will surprise a few people out there and they have a nice mix of experience and young talented players. They faired well in 2006 (losing to Argentina in extra time) and they only have reason to get better. Their first match against the home team will go a long way into telling what this team is capable of.


Yes, Homer, there really is a country named U-R-GUAY. But don’t make fun of them in front of Lugano though or he will rip your face with just his stare. I like Uruguay, they play a physical style of soccer, but often times the physical aspect has often surpassed their talent. Led by Diego Lugano, their key to success will once again be that style of play to hold back a French attack led by Henry and a speedy group of Mexican strikers. They have a shot to get past group phase and their critical match will be against the Mexicans, or is it the opening match against the French? Doesn’t matter, since I find it hard seeing them do anything more than that.

South Africa:
Huge, massive party will start June 11th and end in July. Will South Africa be there at the end? No. Will they get out of group stage? No. Will it matter? I suspect not, the party will go on. You have to give credit to South Africa though, lately, and even going back to last year’s Confederations Cup, they have been playing sound defense shutting down or limiting the damage done against them from far superior teams. Unfortunately, you also have to score. Is bringing back McCarthy enough? Probably not. Will Pienaar be enough? Probably not. If they can squeeze out a tie against any opponent it should be reason enough to celebrate.

Predicted Final Standings:

1) France

2) Mexico

3) Uruguay

4) South Africa

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