Hines Ward's Dancing With the Stars Chances

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Hines Ward is used to being able to take some cheap shots on the field without too many repercussions. If he does not decide to change his ways for his appearance on this season’s Dancing with the Stars, premiering Monday, March 21, 2011 on ABC, he will find himself in some hot water and going home faster than he will be able to get out of his dancing shoes.

If you recall, the way this popular reality show works is that couples made up of celebrities and professional dancers compete against each other, with one couple being eliminated each week until a champion is chosen. The couples are first voted on by the show’s three judges, though the final determination is made by the television viewers who call in to vote for their favorite dancing couple. With Hines Ward’s reputation as one of the NFL’s dirtiest players, Pittsburgh Steelers fans would have to be calling in non-stop to make up for the rest of the nation’s ill-willed feelings toward the Super Bowl XL MVP.

I don’t know how these characters can come on the show with so many Dancing fans who are also football fans out there hating their guts. Then again, Bristol Palin made it through to one of the final rounds last season. I guess if I was a regular Dancing with the Stars watcher, I might have called in and voted for her too out of sympathy. That girl deserves something for having to grow up around that crazy woman she calls “mom”. It must be noted, though, that Hines Ward doesn’t have a crazy mother and has no sympathy coming his way.

Ward doesn’t just have to watch out for the voters while he is on set with the show, but also a few of his contending cast members. Hugh Hefner’s former girlfriend, Kendra Wilkinson, is the chick to look out for this season. Wilkinson is one hot mommy and will be nice eye-candy for both male and female viewers. Her athletic abilities and constant energy portrayed on Girls Next Door, and spin off, Go Kendra!, will work well with her determined nature and “take no shit” attitude that have endeared her to fans. It is this attitude, not the fact that Wilkinson is also Mrs. Hank Basket, that I would be on the look-out for as I would certainly expect the reality star to fight dirty if need be.

Speaking of fighting, Ward will also be sharing the floor with WWF / WWE wrestler Chris Jericho and International Boxing Hall of Fame member, Sugar Ray Leonard. Not only are Leonard and Jericho beloved to fans world-wide, I’m guessing they would certainly not allow any games to be played at their expense without a certain someone going down. Ward is known on the football field for trying to take out the legs of other opponents. Although this is a dancing competition, should things get out of hand and Ward tries to pull a Tanya Harding on any of the contestants, I wouldn’t be surprised to hear of a backstage body slam or right hook out of nowhere. I wonder how that famous Ward smile would look with a few teeth missing? - Best Sports Blogs, Sports Blogger Rankings

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