Why Should Yogis Care About Earth Day | via Yoga Journal

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Earth Day is coming up this Friday, April 22nd, so to get you in the ‘green’ mindset, I wanted to share the following from Yoga Journal:

Written by Erica Rodefer

earth Why Should Yogis Care About Earth Day | via Yoga Journal

Why Should Yogis Care About Earth Day

The connection between yoga and environmentally-friendly practices may not be obvious to people who don’t practice yoga or those who are new the practice. After all, if you think yoga is about contorting yourself into a pretzel it doesn’t have much in common with preserving our planet. But yoga practitioners all across the country are celebrating Earth Day today as a practice that relates to ahimsa the yogic principle of non-harming.

Here’s what some yogis in the blogosphere are saying about Earth Day and how yoga relates to the green movement.

“With Yoga, as in daily life, we are given countless opportunities to engage with our natural environment. In bringing these thoughts to a conscious level, we take the first steps towards harmonizing our resonance with the universal forces and the world we live in physically, mentally, and spiritually” —from

“Another practice that I like to engage in on Earth Day is simple, yet wonderful—practice yoga outside with bare feet. That’s right—let your feet sink into the earth and fully feel the earth beneath your feet. If it weren’t so soggy out at the moment, I’d be doing that right now.” —from The Everything Yoga Blog

“Illuminating the green basis of yoga helps us to deepen into the ultimate meaning of yoga as union. Yogis have always known that all life is interconnected, and that we must treat all beings, even the elements of nature, with tenderness and respect.”from

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