Who are the criminals in our society

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Naive Denise
No one makes there own justice. You refute what is a fact in America. There is a disparity in the way justice is handed out in America. I have given you examples where the Public Defenders in San Francisco and Sacramento say the same thing. In San Francisco, the Chronicle said "well people will still have their constitutional rights." Only the truth is that they won't and don't have any constitutional rights that are being applied except in theory.

Lopez is not acting like a clown. He is acting like a man without a
private attorney who can provide help. Without it he is doomed as you and others presume and then write about his guilt simply because he was charged.

I can give you case after case of facts not hyperbole. You on the other hand want to write articles presuming his GUILT as if you know anything. Who do you work for? Are you the one writing articles on his case where you presume his guilt simply because he is charged? You mistate the facts in your articles i.e the reason for a mental hearing. It is always used as an excuse by the prosecution when the defendant does not cooperate. He won't be released like Lohan, Hilton, Downey and others because of overcrowed jails. He will be prosecuted because he still is an advocate and a theat to an egregious legal system.

Why does a woman like you pretend that there is justice in America when we can provide many examples of the opposite?
Its because with a change in the dynamics of our population many whites like yourself are trying to maintain a staus quo of an
America which has segregated and excluded other people of color from participation in schools, education , civil rights,
Its a dynamic that Ginrich, Palin, and others sadly use to continue to try to drive wedges in our society.

- Jefe2010 August 17, 2010 12:49AM

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  • Jefe2010
    Money stolen from California schools
    By the way, the event that you report on being voted off the school board in Orange County was an effort orchestrated by Delain Eastin who STOLE eleven million dollars in federal funds,
    was later sued by a whistleblower years later and lost once in court and again on appeal a multimillion dollar judgment.
    The case went before the California Appelate court and the judgement was upheld. Ms. Eastin who is WHITE was never
    prosecuted by then Bill Lockyer (California Attorney General) and
    also an educator,turned lawyer perennial politician.

    What do you think would have happened if a person of color STOLE that money. It is still an ongoing problem in California schools where Federal and state money never reaches the classrooms for which it is intended. Its the best WHITE COLLAR CRIME in Caifornia. I have also asked current Attorney Jerry Brown why no one ever prosecuted her for STEALING the money. Perhaps you could comment on American justice over this issue. The problem with Mexican activists is now they know about these abuses and no one is holding ANYONE accountable.

    So lets prosecute the ones in our community for bringing up issues and just overlook the real criminals in our society.