Eagles Fans: Where Are Kolb's Loyal Followers?

| by Off The Record

Let me preface this by saying that I have nothing against Kevin Kolb. This post isn’t about whether or not he’ll ever be a good starting QB in the NFL. This post is about people being accountable. Whether it was the media or fans, there are a lot of people that we’d like to hear from right now.

You remember how it went down. The last couple of years, the noise got louder and louder. It became deafening when the Philadelphia Eagles got absolutely thrashed in back-to-back weeks against the Dallas Cowboys to end the season.

Donovan has to go. He’s not a leader. He’s inaccurate. I’m tired of seeing the same skipped passes and the same stupid jokes. Again, he’s not a leader.

However, Kevin Kolb is! He’s a better leader than Donovan. He’s more accurate. Donovan has to go. Kolb will run this West Coast offense the way it was designed. Finally, we’ll see the offense the way it was intended!

Now, Kolb getting benched in favor of Michael Vick doesn’t mean he can’t play. But it does say a lot, doesn’t it? They gave him some $12 million in bonus money over the next couple of years because this is his ship now. Donovan has been banished to Washington to play for the Redskins. It’s Kolb’s time now. He’s the guy. He’s the leader.

Well, so far, it hasn’t shown. He’s been scattershot in practice and training camp. He was either just ok, or pretty awful in his preseason work. And while he wasn’t put in a good position to succeed against the Green Bay Packers in Week 1 (putting Vick in and out, the offense line is horrific), he did show that his decision making needs a ton of work.

At this point in time, for whatever reason, Kevin Kolb is not ready to be a starting quarterback on a team that wants to win and win now.

So, we want to know: Where are all the people that told the McNabb camp repeatedly that Kolb was a better leader, a better quarterback? I’ll repeat what I told you people then:

Careful what you wish for.

Your wish has come true, and it’s not the shiny Bentley that you thought you were dreaming of. Your wish of Donovan McNabb leaving town and Kolb taking over the reigns of your Philadelphia Eagles is a reality.

And again, for whatever reason you want to use, Kolb is no longer the starting QB of the Eagles and Michael Vick is only part of the equation. Vick played pretty well against an awful Detroit Lions team, so it’s not like he’s Joe Montana in 1989 all of a sudden. Vick performed well for sure, but Kolb has shown that he’s not ready to get it done.

So…where are all of you now? What do you think of Kolb now? How about some accountability? You were awfully loud when Donovan was still in Philly. Will anyone stand up and admit they didn’t really know what they were talking about? Will they admit that this team still does the same maddening crap, despite the fact that much of that previously was blamed on McNabb?

Didn’t think so.