Going Vegan: Too Much Work?

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The thought of becoming vegan has been floating around in my head for some number of years. I always thought I would eventually choose a vegan lifestyle. When Morgan introduced the 7 day vegan challenge, I was quick to jump on board.

A little background about my eating style:

In high school I stopped eating red meat. In college I gave up pork. About 4 years ago I gave up all animal meat except my beloved sushi. Three years ago, I easily became 100% vegetarian. Each transition was easy to make. Other than sushi, I’ve never struggled with giving it up. I’ve never had cravings for meat. I thought a week of eating vegan would be just as easy. I was wrong.

Telling myself I couldn’t have dairy or any other type of animal product immediately sent me into a hot sweat for frozen yogurt.


Ordinary things like recipes I’ve made “vegan” came into question as I learned about sugar. Eating brunch in my neighborhood, I had so few options I ordered a bowl of fruit.

My week of being vegan quickly became more work than I anticipated.

My commitment to consuming a glass of red wine led me to phoning the Hill Family Estate to find out if my favorite wine was vegan or not. They in turn had to call their wine maker to find out. Turns out all their wines except the chardonnay are in fact vegan. I however, didn’t wait for the return call before opening up a bottle.

That was Thursday, one day after I was 100% over the idea of this vegan challenge.

I trudged on in my pursuit of veganism until…

There wasn’t any soy milk in the refrigerator for my coffee at work at 5:50a.m. Hating black coffee, I didn’t hesitate to pick up the cartoon of 1% milk and pour it into my coffee. Yes, I cheated.

What did I learn?

#1) I have no desire to become vegan.

#2) My stomach did feel somewhat better than normal.

#3) I don’t care whether or not my wine is vegan.