NFL Week 3 Previews: NFC East

| by Off The Record

My job as an amateur non-journalist is to please NFL fans with bold predictions and game insight. You may call 1-800 numbers for Joey Bambino’s ‘lock of the week,’ but what he tells you isn’t the same thing he tells the next guy. It’s his job to get 50% of the money on one side and 50% on the other. That means 50% of the money will be coming back the next week for another pick. More money for Joey Bambino.

Here at OTR, we’re always 100% right (some of the time), but it’s FREE advice. Advice that you can’t find anywhere else.  And this week, to the delight of our NFC East fans, we are diving into each and every NFC East match up for Week Three. There’s lots to talk about, so let’s get this started.

New York Giants (-3) over Tennessee Titans

It should be quite cold in New York this weekend (possible snow) and nobody plays better in 30 degree weather than Eli Manning and his face. At this point of his career, many NFC scouts are comparing Eli to an older version of himself. One who is more mature, but starting to lose certain instincts.  Hopefully, not football instincts. And that’s the key word for this game.  Instincts. I’ll tackle that thought next week. Tennessee quarterbacks have targeted Bo Scaife, Ahmard Hall, and Craig Stevens a total of 11 times and every single time a reception was made. That’s almost 100%.  Look for a huge game from all three. We have them ranked TE1, FB1, and TE1, respectively.  Look to start them in Tennessee Titans only leagues. What was the deal with Brandon Jacobs throwing his football gear into the stands last Sunday? That fan really wanted Brandon’s souvenir.  I haven’t seen a guy have a tighter grip on a helmet since Paul Reubens was arrested in Sarasota, Florida. Giants win in their New Playhouse: 

New York Giants 24 Tennessee Titans 17

Washington Redskins (-3.5) over St Louis Rams

Interesting tidbit here.  Sam Bradford’s mom almost named his son, Donovan, after…well…you guessed it, Donovan McNabb.  McNabb was only 11 when Bradford was born, but his mom, Martha Bradford, knows talent when she sees it.  Now, 23 years later, Martha’s son gets to face off against McNabb in one of the most important games of his career (not including every single college game he played in).  Last week, McNabb threw for 426 yards, completing 73.7% of his passes and took his team to the fourth quarter with a 10-point lead (they had a 17-point lead with 0:01 left in the third quarter). 

However, Washington’s horrible late-game defense and stupid penalties by the offense led to a fourth quarter collapse and an overtime loss.  Sound familiar, McNabb?  It’s like you never were traded from Philly.  But there is a difference now that you are in Washington.  Angelo Cataldi and the 610 WIP morning crew don’t have a radio show in D. C., so the finger isn’t being pointed at you for not throwing for 500 yards and putting up 33 points.  I mean seriously, McNabb?  Didn’t Angelo teach you anything during your 11-year stint with the Eagles? 

Anyway, the Rams still are not good.  Steven Jackson is a stud, but his productivity doesn’t equate to wins.  Look for DeAngelo Hall to shut down the Rams number one receiver…Mark Clayton I guess…like he said he’d f*cking do.  This is a game where I take the veteran quarterback over the rookie quarterback.  It’s actually a lock.  3.5 points?  C’mon. Washington easily covers.   

Washington Redskins 27 St Louis Rams 13

Philadelphia Eagles (-3) over Jacksonville Jaguars

Philadelphia Eagles fans don’t know how good they got it.  Well, compared to the Jacksonville Jaguars.  Jaguars quarterback David Garrard is coming off a horrendous four interception game in a 38-13 loss against the San Diego Chargers.  So, who can coach Jack Del Rio put in when Garrard is struggling (or if he gets concussed)?  How about that 11-year veteran out of St. Cloud State Todd Bouman?  You got it.  Imagine if Garrard has to miss time.  The Jags don’t have a Michael Vick waiting in the wings.  So, Eagles fans, get over it.  Some teams don’t have any quarterbacks and you’re complaining because your coach is dancing around two quality ones. 

Speaking of St Cloud State, guess what other athletes came out of this Division II school?  Did any Phillies fans say Jim Eisenreich?  Back to the game.  Vick and the Eagles offense are going to be running all over EverBank Field.  The only problem is Maurice Jones-Drew will be doing the same against a soft Eagles defense (did you watch Jahvid Best last weekend?).  Maybe the return of Stewart Bradley (concussion) will help solidify the middle of the field.  But, what’s up with Eagles safety Quintin Consadine…sorry…I mean Quintin Mikell?  He hasn’t played a good game since Brian Dawkins was given the boot.  He’s starting to look a little Michael Lewisesque.  As bad as this Eagles defense is, they still seem to cause turnovers which is an area the Jaguars like to feed into.   I see Michael Vick leading the Eagles to another victory.  The guy just wins football games.

Philadelphia Eagles 34 Jacksonville Jaguars 24

Houston Texans (-3) over Dallas Cowboys

See the pattern here?  Whoever is favored by a FG, take them.  I live by that rule.  Nothing is more humorous in life than watching Cowboys owner Jerry Jones and quarterback Tony Romo fail at football.  Lucky for us, it happens all the time.  And lucky for us, America’s Team could be 0-3 after this weekend is through.  On the flip side, the Texans could be 3-0 and the new undisputed heavyweight champ in Texas.  Well, Kelly Clarkson is technically still from Texas…but…I’m talking football here.  Andre Johnson is a beast.  That fourth-and-10 catch in the endzone last Sunday against the Redskins was spectacular.  Even if DeAngelo Hall is covering him, he still makes the catch.  It’s easy for Hall to talk smack after the fact.  Especially, since he’ll probably never play against Andre again.  Maybe in four years if he’s still around (DeAngelo that is).  Sticking with Andre, what if he played for the Giants?  Andre The Giant?  I like it, but I doubt he’d ever turn heel like that. 

What’s wrong with the Cowboys?  Well, they’re a mess.  The end of last season was a mirage.  They went on a little run and beat a weak Philadelphia Eagles team two times in a row.  They beat them handily which got everyone excited, but in reality, that Eagles defense was pitiful.  Shaun Hill could have torched them.  Wait, he did?  Then The Boys went to Minnesota and got buried.  No real significant offseason moves, a bad offensive line, no running game, a bad coach, a quarterback’s face that only Eli Manning could enjoy and this is what you have, your 2010 0-3 Dallas Cowboys. 

Houston Texans 31  Dallas Cowboys 21

Odds based on Thursday’s NFL lines on Vegasinsider, MGM Mirage.