2011 MLB: Angels Weaver Continues to Roll

| by Off The Record

For someone that doesn’t know a ton about fantasy baseball (not much at all really), I certainly look like a genius for drafting Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim in California of the United States of America pitcher Jered Weaver in two leagues. ‘But Micah, why are you in two leagues if you don’t know anything about fantasy baseball?’ Mind your own damn business.

So yeah, Weaver kept it going last night in his second consecutive complete game. He shutout the Oakland A’s and earned his sixth win of the season. Six wins? Before the end of April? Yeah, he’s keeping it going.

The only thing I don’t love is Scioscia letting Weaver work the ninth inning of a 5-0 game. Sure, he only ended up throwing 114 pitches, but the Angels will need Weaver all year. Why let him continue to throw when you have a five-run lead. That’s the perfect time to get in some work for a bullpen guy that you don’t really trust in tight situations.

I’m thinking sell high on Weaver. He can’t really keep this up for an entire season….can he?

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