We Try It: The Marika Magic Uplift Sports Bra

| by Fit Bottomed Girls

marika-magic-braMan, we’re getting busty up in here today. First a post on how to find the best large-bust swimsuit and now a review of a new sports bra that promises “magic.” The Marika Magic Uplift Bra claims that it will “make anyone who wears it look and feel 10 pounds lighter.” Oh, we’ll see about that—and see we did when I road-tested this bra on a run, while doing a workout DVD and while out walking the pup. The verdict? Quality. But magic? Well…

First, the things I dug hard. The material is awesome. It’s this soft, padded Coolmax stuff that wicks sweat away just like Dri-FIT apparel yet is more comfortable and cozy on the skin. The padding and cut of the bra also get rid of that interesting uniboob phenomenon that so many sports bras cause and that pesky problem of the double-girl-salute post workout when you’re cooling down. Additionally, the bra is adjustable just below the boob-line and has removable bust pads in case you need some extra room up top (and don’t mind the aforementioned double-girl-salute).

Next, what I could have done without. While the shapewear aspect of this bra is better than others we’ve tried, I still felt slightly restricted by it and could have done with a little more give all around. In fact, despite the rest of my medium bra fitting perfectly, the bottom adjustable area was a little too tight on me and chafed slightly during the run. (So if you have broad shoulders like me, you might want to size up.) And although I did like my profile in the bra, I don’t think it made me look 10 pounds lighter. But maybe three or four pounds, which isn’t too shabby.

So no David Copperfield here. Just a solid bra without a massive price tag ($32!). —Jenn