We Love: The Biggest Loser Expo Boards

| by Fit Bottomed Girls

biggest-loser-boardWhile we’re clearly fans of tracking workouts and healthy eats online, Erin and my’s mutual obsession of stationary and office supplies had us Jersey fist-pumping over these new The Biggest Loser magnetic dry erase boards. Seriously, it’s The Biggest Loser and organization…LOVE!

One of the new boards—My Exercise & Goal Planner—does just that with space for each day of the week for you to record your steady state cardio, interval cardio and circuit training. You can also track your current weight and how you’re progressing to your goal weight. The other board in the line, My Daily Meal Planner, allows you to track what you eat (including calories and food groups) and how much water you drink. It ingeniously sticks to your fridge, also acting as the perfect stop sign for mindless eating. You use dry erase markers on both boards, so you—quite literally—can get a fresh slate any time you want. The only thing missing is a little eye candy of Bob on the board!

Want to try one of these for yourself? Leave a comment (U.S. residents only, please), and we’ll select a couple of lucky readers to win! —Jenn