Wanderlust, Pain, TranquiliT, and a Mala Winner

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As I rolled up my yoga mat after practice today, I heard the crack of static. My mat is rubber, so it does tend to have static cling issues, but this morning it was crackling like a live wire. Ah, the joys of practicing yoga in the Winter. I suppose I should put a humidifier in my yoga room. If you're looking to inject a little humidity into an otherwise dry winter yoga practice, try this travel sized humidifier that works with a standard size bottle of water. It's a cheap and easy way to inject a little moisture into your private yoga space, whether you're in a studio or practicing at home.

And since we're on the topic of weather...if you're not getting out as much due to the cold/snowy/icy weather, I recommend adding a little light therapy into your life. My favorite gadget for this is the Philips goLITE BLUE Light Therapy Device. When Sun Salutations just don't bring enough light into your life (unfortunately, all of my sun visualizations just don't have the same affect as exposure to direct sunlight), why not put one of these babies on your desk? Sure, I'd rather be outside, but my hiking days are limited in the Winter, so this is my chilly-weather alternative.

Ooookay -- enough of my Winter ramblings. I've got a case of attention drift today, so this is a mixed bag post.

Miami in March

If all of this talk about chilly weather is getting you down, you have the perfect excuse for a trip to Miami in March -- Wanderlust. The Standard Spa in Miami is the first stop on the Wanderlust tour, which kicks off March 17. Enjoy yoga, music, lectures, performances, and mingling with all sorts of interesting folks at this one-of-a-kind festival that's exploded in popularity over the past year or so.

Here's a list of upcoming Wanderlust events:

•   Miami Beach: Wanderlust at the Standard Spa – for a spa getaway, 3/17 – 20

•   Las Vegas: at The Cosmopolitan – for some debauchery, 5/5 – 6

•   San Francisco: at the legendary Fillmore – epic, 5/21

•   Brooklyn: at the waterfront – hip, 6/4

•   Vermont: at East Coast fave Stratton Mountain – chic, 6/23 – 26

•   North Lake Tahoe: where it all began in 2009 – classic, 7/28 – 31

For more information, visit the Wanderlust Web site. I don't know about you, but Miami in March sounds a little like heaven to me (and the fact that it's taking place at a spa just ups the awesome factor). It might be time to cash in some of my frequent flier miles!

Meeting Pain on the Mat

For many people who live with chronic pain, they the idea of a regular yoga practice seems out of the question. Not so! The key to practicing yoga with pain is getting quiet on the mat and listening to your body. Susi Hately from Functional Synergy offers up some gentle advice in this short video.  You can learn more about Susi here.

Save 40% on Stylish Eco-Friendly Clothing

Today through February 14th, TranquiliT -- the online eco-luxe boutique -- is offering 40% off your order. Use code CUPID at checkout to save big. I couldn't resist this deal, so I decided to treat myself to a Valentine's Day gift -- a One Shoulder Caftan in Peony. Click here to start shopping.

We Have a Winner...

I want to thank everyone who participated in the Tiny Devotions Mala giveaway. I was so inspired by your intentions for 2011 and I thoroughly enjoyed reading each and every one. Congratulations to Diana Rumrill -- her entry was picked at random and she will receive the Tiny Devotions Mala of her choice. Way to go Diana!

Have a lovely weekend, everyone!

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