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Ever notice Yoga in the movies or commercials you see? Here are a few of the better ones from the likes of many big holiday movies.

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Over here in New York City we experienced a complete blizzard that left me a prisoner of my apartment. Being that I was completely stuck inside with 20+ inches of snow, I caught cabin fever watching movies. To get over my boredom, I watched (probably) too many movies. After browsing and watching, a recurring theme hit me. This theme was yoga in recent comedies. From funny yogic scenes in Couples Retreat (2009) to Forgetting Sarah Marshall (2008) and even Meet The Fockers (2004), it is apparent that yoga has its hands in the new wave of comedies. Lets watch some clips of yoga in movies through the years.

Here is a hilarious (and ok, a tad offensive) yoga scene from Couples Retreat. You just have to laugh a little when Carlos Ponce says “I am a coach, I am a master, and I am here to teach that” and whips his hair. Watch for some good laughs.

Now ok, I cheated slightly here. This is a deleted clip of a yoga scene from Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Imagine Russell Brand in “Namaste” magazine? Watch as they go through some sun salutations. This yoga class is just so awkward, they should have left it in the movie.

For our Kung Fu masters, here is “Kung Fu vs. Yoga” from 1979. This movie is just beyond hilarious. I think the best thing about this flick is that it is literally kung fu vs. yoga. Check it out for some great form.

If you are looking for a good late night scare, this Korean movie simply titled “Yoga School” is the perfect fix. By watching the trailer, you can appreciate the poses, cinematography, and feel the basic vibe of the film. To summarize the plot Yoon Jae Yeon promises perfect beauty to the already attractive yoga women who enter the school but what happens is a horror they did not expect. There are some eerie yoga moments of practice.

We don’t really know if this is a comedy, serious, or a mockumentary but “The Yoganator” just looks ridiculous. Words cannot describe this one.

What happens when you lose it all? Where do you go? Some people turn to yoga. Homeless Yoga is a film about people who did exactly that.

Did I miss any? Tell me if so!