Video: Scary Pump Device Plumps Lips

| by Kate Wharmby Seldman

Want big, puffy Hollywood-style lips, but don't want to go get collagen injections? Now there's Lips You Love, an alarming-looking contraption that you place over your mouth and move in and out like a bicycle pump. Within two minutes - as the video below demonstrates - you'll have ridiculously large, inflated fish lips.

Lips You Love claims to give you a trout pout for up to eight hours every time you use it. It works by pulling fluid into the lips via suction, and irritating the lip tissue, so lips swell slightly and become puffy. (My lips are hurting just typing that sentence.) Lips You Love even claims that your lips will stay fuller if you use the device regularly.

I'd like to know who it is, exactly, that likes women with such obviously fake plump lips. Is it other women? Because I don't know many men who find this trend attractive. If you're Angelina Jolie, sure - everyone knows her lips are naturally pillowy. But if your boyfriend comes over one night and your lips are suddenly twice the size they were yesterday? I can't imagine that would be a terribly erotic experience for him to have.

Maybe for some men, it's kind of a status symbol - if you can afford to pay for your girlfriend's plastic surgery, that must mean you're rich enough to pay for anything else she wants. You're also wealthy enough to build yourself the "perfect" woman. In that case, I'd much rather women buy themselves a $30 vacuum lip-plumper than rely on a boyfriend's cash and opinions for their sense of beauty and self-worth.