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In this video Deepak Chopra talks about yoga, its history, and how it helps us divide and understand the dynamics of the diabolic and divine forces within us. Deepak Chopra offers his interpretation of how the Sanskrit word yoga translates to the English word yolk, as in to unite the body, mind, and spirit as one continuum of consciousness. “Spirituality is experiential,” Deepak Chopra states “and classically in India that is taught through yoga.”

There are 4 ways to understand spirituality Deepak Chopra tells us. The first way to understand is through meditation, self reflection, and the ability to shut off the world of senses, this is called Raja Yoga. The second way is through feeling and love by understanding that love is the ultimate truth of the heart of creation. Through relationship we can move progressively. Deepak Chopra states that “If somebody doesn’t understand spirituality, ask them if they have ever been in love, that is the experience of spirituality.” The third way to understand spirituality is through service and when you perform it without any selfish motivation. This can be referred to as Karma Yoga. The final way to understand and experience spirituality is through intellect, mind, science, and understanding how the laws of nature work.