Victoria Beckham: Husband David's "So G**damn Perfect"

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Victoria Beckham On David: 'He's So Goddamn Perfect!'

Victoria Beckham On David: 'He's So Goddamn Perfect!'

Cheating rumours be damned: Victoria Beckham is this month’s cover girl for Marie Claire.

Between the glossy covers, she blabs about her 11 year marriage to Goldenballs, his epic hotness and her selective hearing – what high-pitched voice?

Oh, and she doesn’t go there and air her hubby’s dirty laundry in public. This interview was obviously conducted before that hooker blabbed to In Touch magazine.

Interview highlights:

On David’s high-pitched voice:
“I don’t really notice that he’s got a high-pitched voice. I just think he’s so goddamn perfect that people have to find something wrong with him.

“We were about to go out somewhere the other day, and he was sending an email. He was sitting at the end of the bed, and he had no clothes on whatsoever. I was getting out of the shower, and I just stood there looking at him. He was all tan. Has all those tattoos – which I love.

“Hadn’t done his hair. He just naturally looks good all the time. He never looks like shit in the morning. Never. So he’s sitting there sending his e-mails, all ripped. Not an ounce of fat on him. And I thought, You done good, girl. I sure wasn’t thinking of his high-pitched voice.”

On being affectionate:
“We are still so close, David and I. We were at a party the other day at my mum’s house and I was sitting on his lap. We’re very affectionate. And I looked at him and thought after being married for 11 years! We were the only couple who were even near each other at that party. We’re soul mates.”

On her lifestyle:
“Some people are so blasé about having an extraordinary life. But David and I never take anything for granted. I think it’s very cool to still get excited about things. I get as excited now as I ever did when I get a chauffeur driven car pick me up and I stay in a fantastic hotel or get to fly in a private plane. I never want to get blasé.”

Read the full interview when the mag hits shelves on October 12.