MLB Analysis: Is Phillies Utley Coming Back Too Soon?

| by Off The Record

By now, you have heard that the Philadelphia Phillies will be getting their stud 2B Chase Utley back from the DL. He’s scheduled to join the team on Monday after rehabbing his bothersome knee down in Florida.

But, is Utley coming back too soon? By all accounts, they have been very patient with his knee. He’s been testing it for a while, but what he’s really been testing is Ruben Amaro’s patience.

Anyone else worried that he could be rushing back? Why do we foresee an event where he plays on it for three days and then regresses? If something were to happen as far as a setback, you’d have to think that there is a real possibility that it would cost him his season.

And that is a very real concern, especially if you’ve watched the Phillies lately. Their pitching has been- as suspected- superb. But, the batting lineup looks like an Alpaca spit up on home plate. It’s been brutal, unless you enjoy watching ground outs one after another after another.

The Phillies need Utley badly. They need someone to come in and hit in the No. 3 hole. Let’s hope that he’s able to last the year and not hurt the knee again. Because this lineup as is, is not winning anything of any significance in the post season.

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