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Drug Law

U.S. Ends ‘War on Drugs’ -- So Say the Irish

| by NORML

$15.5 billion this year alone, 2/3rds for ineffective law enforcement.

Hooray!  The War on Drugs is over!  It must be true; it’s in the Irish Examiner!

THE United States has “ended its war on drugs” and is now moving its focus to prevention and treatment, the US drugs chief has told top Irish drug officials.

President Barack Obama’s drugs adviser Gil Kerlikowske held a series of meetings yesterday with Drugs Minister Pat Carey, Garda Commissioner Fachtna Murphy and Department of Justice secretary general Sean Aylward.

Um… has anybody told the Irish that the drug czar (among others in our government) sometimes lies?

The former police chief said the US had formally ended its much heralded – and hugely expensive – “war on drugs”.

“We’ve talked about a ‘war on drugs’ for 40 years, since President Nixon. I ended the war,” said Mr Kerlikowske, director of the Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP).

The Obama administration is increasing its budget for demand reduction by 6.5%, bringing it to $5.6 billion (€4.5bn). But the US is still spending $15.5bn on supply reduction.

The Irish Examiner can’t even get the numbers straight.  We’re spending $15.5 billion TOTAL on this War on Drugs that we’re not fighting anymore.  $9.9 billion of that goes to law enforcement, eradication, and imprisonment.  This is the same strategy we’ve pursued for forty years and spent one trillion dollars on with no measurable success whatsoever.

All Gil Kerlikowske has ended is the official use of the catchphrase “War on Drugs”.  We still arrest over 850,000 Americans a year for marijuana.  We still send SWAT teams into people’s homes, destroying their property and killing their pets, over marijuana.  We still use federal resources to fight legal medical marijuana in the states that have it and to prevent the states that want to legalize from doing so. This is the same “Drug War Spam” being served up as “Demand Reduction Luncheon Meat”.