MMA: Ultimate Fighter 13 Episode 5 Recap

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This week’s episode picks up right where things left off last week, Brock Lesnar telling his team they looked like “chicken shit”. Len Bentley didn’t like that and walked out of the locker room saying he had left it all out there in his fight.

“I want to someone to wow me, who is that going to be,” proclaimed Lesnar  

The rest of Team Lesnar seemed to take the speech a little better then Bentley, who continues to rant about it back at the house. Tells anyone who will listen that he doesn’t want the negative energy, yet the more he rants is actually creating just that. Not to mention proving that he does in fact have that chip on his shoulder Lesnar referred too. Fight announcement time and Team dos Santos selects Mick Bowman to face Clay Harvison from Team Lesnar.

At the Team Dos Santos training session, Lew Polly might be trying to teach the team more than he was brought it for and Junior Dos Santos is not having it. Bowman plans to break his opponent (Harvison) before he breaks him and wants to smash him through the mat.

“Shady” Chris Cope is shown studying Harvison’s workout intently and Clay notices it. When he gets back at the house Harvison tells some of his team what he saw and what he’d do if Cope was telling Team Dos Santos secrets.

Someone wrote “Chris Cope Double Agent” in the sand and team Lesnar (Cope included) find it. Out back at the fire pit, Cope flat out asks his team if they think he is telling the other team how the fighters are training. Not a single person speaks up yet Bentley and the rest of the team continue to question it later in the bedroom.

Cope walks into the room to a “brown eye” from Chuck O’Neil and calls out Tony Ferguson as the sand writer. Ferguson doesn’t like it and lets Cope know that he didn’t do it but that he better watch what he says.

Mick was actually the one who wrote in the sand and did it because Cope is always in the kitchen listening to them and thinking Team Dos Santos doesn’t notice.

Bother fighters have a pretty intense fight day locker room warm up, preparing for the fight.

Fight Time!

Round one: Early on in the fight Harvison is getting the better of the striking and Bowman goes for a takedown from too far off and gets stuffed. Harvison puts him on his back and enters his guard but lets him get back up after Bowman goes for a triangle choke. The left/right combo Team Lesnar worked with Harvison is working nearly every time against Bowman, who is constantly backing up. The round ends with Bowman trying to steal the round with a takedown that gets easily stuffed.

Round two: Harvison opens strong but after a long clinch against the cage Bowman seems to now be the fresher fighter. The action is back and forth but like the first round Harvison is still coming forward with Bowman back pedaling. The two end the round in the clinch and though the round is very close the back pedaling doesn’t look good for Bowman and Team Dos Santos.

The judges don’t need a third round to declare the winner by unanimous decision, Clay Harvison.

While Lesnar is WOW’D, Mick Bowman is taking the loss bad in the locker room while Dos Santos tries to get him to keep his head up.

During the fight Harvison had his hand kicked and thought his pinky was either jammed or broke. When they remove the gloves it’s much worse as the bone had broken through the skin. There is a compound fracture and most likely Clay Harvison will be unable to continue in the competition.

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