UFC 116 Analysis: Brock Lesnar Defeats Shane Carwin

| by Alex Groberman

It didn’t look good for Brock Lesnar during the first round of his bout versus Shane Carwin, but Lesnar has turned "proving people wrong" into a full-time job. It took Lesnar two rounds, but he was ultimately able to defeat his opponent with a triangle arm choke.

The match began with a battle of the rock bands as Lesnar emerged from the tunnel to “Bodies” while Carwin opted for the Metallica-sung “Enter Sandman.”

After the two men tapped gloves, Carwin immediately took charge of the fight. As Lesnar went for a takedown, Carwin pummelled him with punches. After taking a knee to the midsection, Lesnar dropped to the ground and bled. Despite a fury of punches, Lesnar pushed Carwin off -- only to be shoved against the side of the cage. The first round ended with Lesnar absorbing a shocking amount of punishment and looking anything but solid.

To begin the second round, Carwin offered his opponent a confident wink and went to work. The cocky maneuver proved to be premature, however. As he threw a one-two combination, Lesnar countered with a takedown and immediately went for the triangle choke. Seconds later Carwin tapped, and the match was over.

The two men embraced at the end of the fight, showing a mutual respect for each other’s skills.

“I stand before you a humble champion, and I’m still the toughest S.O.B. around, baby.” Lesnar told the crowd after the fight.

Lesnar now officially becomes the uncontested number one fighter in the world.