Typo Deletes Security Measures for Amtrak Gun Bill

| by Brady Campaign

WASHINGTON --- FOX News is reporting that a bill signed by President Obama this week, which was intended to require Amtrak passengers who want to bring a gun on the train to secure the gun, instead calls for the passengers themselves to place themselves in secure boxes.

Officials of the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence note that a certain type of such box is readily available. Each year in the U.S., some 30,000 Americans who are killed with guns are placed in similar boxes.

Although the intent of the new law was clearly not to require that gun owners on Amtrak be placed in boxes, for anyone relying on FOX News’ interpretation of the law who wishes to secure such a box, the Brady Campaign offers information on some box suppliers.

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The bill was sent to the President with an apparent typo that eliminates certain essential security provisions that gun violence prevention advocates fought for, and instead replaces it with an unclear new section, which FOX News claims requires passengers to be locked in boxes.

Read FOX News’ article on the odd insertion

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