Way Around Los Angeles "Carmageddon": $4 JetBlue Flights

| by Mark Berman Opposing Views

"Carmageddon" is coming to Los Angeles this weekend -- the closure of part of the 405 freeway that is expected to produce the mother of all traffic jams. Well, JetBlue Airways is offering a way around it -- $4 flights. Well, offered is the correct term; the four flights quickly sold out.

The airline was offering flyovers of carmageddon from Burbank Airport to Long Beach Airport on Saturday.

Here was the offer on JetBlue's website:

Fly JetBlue between Burbank and Long Beach this Saturday (7/16) only!   Fares are $4.00* each way so get on board quick – book now through July 16 or while supplies last.  Or for $5 each way customers can also enjoy an Even More Space seat on their Carmageddon Fly-over, which includes early boarding and early access to overhead bin space as well as a spacious seat with extra legroom - limited quantity available on each flight.

The distance is only 40 miles, with the flight taking around a half hour or so. But it should afford great views of the cars below. The plane will be too high for passengers to hear the honking and cursing down below.