Bikini Photos: Paulina Gretzky Daughter of "Great One" Wayne Gretzky is Smokin' Hot

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Hockey legend Wayne Gretzky’s eldest daughter made her risqué web debut with a reel of new bikini photos so hot they should be kept on ice.

Paulina Gretzky, 23, shows off her – ahem – athletic body in a few poolside Instagram photos taken with a group of friends at a hotel in Las Vegas over the weekend.

The most innocent shots show Gretzky smiling and sipping on what looks to be champaign. A few of the more scandalous images show the young vixen crawling all over one of her male companions.

Ever protective of the Gretzky name, Canadian paper the Vancouver Sun trashed the photos as “shocking” and “dirty.” I can think of a few more flattering adjectives for them…

Paulina Gretzky instagram pics