High School Tells Boys To 'Protect Her Character' On Prom Night

| by Michael Allen

A high school in Manitowoc, Wisconsin, reportedly posted a flyer warning boys to protect the character of girls during prom night this Saturday.

According to the Friendly Atheist, the flyer was posted in Lincoln High School, signed by principal Luke Valitchka, and was "sponsored by The Crossing of Manitowoc County (a Christian anti-abortion clinic) and Holy Family Memorial (a Catholic health-care provider)."

A high school senior, who took a picture of the poster, told the Friendly Atheist that she asked the principal if she could make a different poster that did not emphasize "purity," but the principal reportedly told her that such a poster would "tear at the fabric of society." That claim, however, has not been confirmed.

On the Friendly Atheist's Facebook page, people commented about the story:

So wrong on so many levels, this really pisses me off! Thanks for questioning the principal and reporting the situation

Here in Utah I've seen a teen boy wearing a t-shirt that says "Modest is hottest", from some type of Mormon youth conference. Another time at my daughters 5th grade maturation program, the presenter repeatedly called girls who wore lots of makeup, hoochies. I complained to the principal. Shaming of girls needs to stop.

…Strip club owners should really attend high school proms and hand out business cards. Kids don't dance like they did 20 years ago, they bump and grind.

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Image Credit: ShaqIsDope/NewburryD Screenshot