Chicago Resident, Tish Coleman, Arrested After Brutally Stabbing Cousin's Cat

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Cook County prosecutors said today that a woman from the Woodlawn area of Chicago left her neighborhood "covered in blood" last Friday after she allegedly stabbed her cousin's cat to death.

Tish Coleman, 31, was charged with felony-aggravated cruelty to animals and misdemeanor domestic battery. Today, Judge Israel Desierto ordered that she be held on a $75,000 bond.

Apparently, Coleman and her her 26-year-old cousin were heard arguing at around 8:05 pm on Friday. They were in their shared apartment located in the 6400 block of South Maryland Avenue when Coleman allegedly hit her cousin several times in the face and then tore her shirt. Coleman's cousin then proceeded to fight with Coleman, wrestling her outside onto the porch. She then shut the door, leaving Coleman outside the residence, according to prosecutors.

Once outside the apartment, Coleman continued to make a disturbance. A short time later, another woman entered into the apartment through the porch door, prosecutors said. Once the porch door opened, Coleman's cousin's cat ran outside.

A bit later, Coleman's cousin went outside for just a few minutes and noticed there was blood on the back stairs. She did not see Coleman or the cat, according to official court documents.

After doing some searching for the cat, Coleman's cousin finally found her pet lying on the stairwell landing. The 1-year-old brown and white cat was bleeding to death with multiple puncture wounds on its left side.

Police arrested Coleman about a block away from the crime scene. According to court documents, Coleman had a Swiss pocketknife in her purse that was covered in blood.

When an officer asked Coleman about the cat, she replied, "I did nothing to the cat," according to court documents.

Coleman has a long criminal record that includes an arrests in 2001 for battery and simple assault, domestic battery in 2003, criminal property damage in 2004 and for criminal damage to property and domestic battery in 2008, said Chicago Police Department News Affairs Officer Laura Kubiak.