Chicago Police Sued For Alleged Brutality Caught On Video

| by Michael Allen

Lisa Simmons and Jeremiah Smith filed a lawsuit last week against the Chicago Police Department for alleged police brutality stemming from an incident about a year ago.

A witness began filming with a cell phone (video below) after police arrived at an impromptu neighborhood block party that was taking place for two local artists who had recently been signed by a record company.

In the video, Simmons is slammed onto a car hood by a police officer. Moments later, Smith was struck in the face by the same cop.

Other police officers do not intervene, but they do tell people to get off the street.

Rahsaan Gordon, who represents Simmons and Smith in their lawsuit, told ABC 7 Chicago: "You have the small child and this woman who is just watching this extreme violence for what? For nothing."

Gordon later added: "Nobody ran at [the cop], nobody pulled out a weapon, nobody tried to punch him. They stood there. You even hear one of the gentlemen saying, "I'm a man! I'm not a child.'"

Smith reportedly pleaded guilty to misdemeanor battery after being held in jail for 12 days.

The Independent Police Review Authority is investigating the incident, while the officer in question remains on paid duty.

In a statement, the Chicago Police Department claims that it takes "any allegations of excessive force against the residents our officers are sworn to protect very seriously, and any action which undermines the integrity of the Chicago Police Department simply will not be tolerated."

The City of Chicago fought to keep police abuse complaints against its officers secret for seven years until finally giving a legal battle in 2014, noted ABC 7 Chicago.

When those records were finally released, it was revealed that 662 police officers received more than 10 complaints (each) from 2001-2006.

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Image Credit: YouTube Screenshot