Confidence Can Actually Increase Size of Man’s Penis, Doc Says

| by Denise A Justin

No need for pills and potions—a growth in confidence can actually physically increase the size of a man’s penis, writes Dr. Martin Scurr in his January 4 health column for

Finally a medical expert has confirmed what most women already know about lovemaking. Confidence is a very powerful aphrodisiac and, with most men who have concerns about whether or not they are big enough, the real problems are a lack of confidence and the deadening effect of the “fear factor.”

Believe it or not, guys, when a woman sees a man to whom she is attracted, she does not immediately stare at his crotch to determine the size of his “manhood!”

Dr. Scurr makes it perfectly clear and understandable why there is no need for pills and potions. A growth in confidence can actually physically increase the size of a man’s penis, and there’s a valid physiological (if unromantic) explanation.

What creates an erection is the spongy tissue in the penis, called corpora cavernosa, which fill with blood when a man is sexually aroused.

There is danger in using over-the-Internet and back-page formulas because they work by creating an imbalance between blood being pumped in and blood flowing out. So they don’t actually increase “size,” but by holding more blood in and plumping up the tissue, they can create a more satisfactory erection.

Dr. Scurr explains that there is no change in the size of the penis, either in the flaccid or erect state — but the erection may be firmer, which may make it appear larger.

But what is more important is just reducing anxiety.  If a man is anxious about his size and believes he is inadequate, the anxiety can have the reverse affect. (That is why you may be raring to go, until it’s time to take your clothes off!)

Dr. Scurr explains that anxiety interferes with normal processes of the body (especially blood flow) — this can reduce the firmness of an erection or switch it off altogether.  It creates a sudden “fight or flight” reaction, with running away usually winning.

Here’s a scientific explanation that makes sense. Anxiety causes the release of hormones that tell the body to send blood to the major organs — preparing them for flight or flight — which reduces blood flow to the extremities. In this case it is an extremity that can’t run, so it just gives up.

So what you need to work on is not finding a pump or pill, but building your overall confidence about yourself--and that is totally within your power. Now you know that it will pay off in many ways, and one of the most enjoyable will be in bed. 

As Dr. Scurr reminds us, we are all different shapes and sizes, and what really matters is to be a good and compatible match  for each other.

Ask your lady what she wants and what she likes (sensitively, seductively and when you are being intimate--not in a text message!) Then you won’t have to be guessing, and your success and your confidence will soar. Obviously, the more similarities you share in giving and receiving pleasure, the easier and more enjoyable lovemaking will be.

In a 2011 article on, “Sex and Relationships: Who Remembers the First Time?,” Dr. Sam Keen, former contributing editor of Psychology Today, is quoted from his book, Fire in the Belly—on Becoming a Man.

Dr. Keen gives men good advice on satisfying lovemaking:

“I have it on good authority that when women get together and talk about their lovers, they don’t speak much about hardness, speed, or number of orgasms. Instead they praise men who touch softly, who receive pleasure as easily as they give it…they all agree that they would like men to slow down, take their time, enjoy the trip and not worry so much about the outcome.”

And here’s an equally valuable quote by Merle Shain, the beautiful Canadian journalist and author of Some Men are More Perfect Than Others :

“The best kind of men can laugh in bed and joke and play like children. They love the way their women small and feel and taste, and if there are days when lovemaking works more for one than it does for the other, they worry only if it lacks cheer. 

“Women love men who stroke their hair, who lace fingers with them, and curl around them in the night, and men who cuddle as much after as before are thought to be the very best, and so are those who call the next day just to say “hello.” Most women would rather have someone whisper their name at the optimum moment than rocket with contractions to the moon….”

So, if you want to build your confidence, you have just received some very insightful information from experts on ways to start. Treat her with true consideration and tenderness both in and out of bed, and the last thing she—or you--will be thinking about is "size!"