Best MLB Games to Start 2011 Season

| by Hardball Times

Remember the best-games-ever series of articles which ran during the past offseason? In December, the series ranked games from 1974 to 2010 according to their "excitement factor." In the ensuing weeks postseason games (LDS, LCS, World Series) and series were also ranked.

All the hard work of ranking the games from best to worst leaned on the shoulders of an algorithm which shuffles Win Expectancy and Leverage Index data in several ways (please refer to the original articles for the detailed explanations).

With a week (and then some) of the 2011 season already in the books, it's time to acknowledge the most exciting games played so far.

Here they are:

  date                game stars
 04-08   Rockies @ Pirates   ***
 04-09  Blue Jays @ Angels   ***
 04-05  White Sox @ Royals    **
 04-05 Nationals @ Marlins    **
 04-07       Astros @ Reds     *

Games are assigned a number of stars ranging from one to five, where five stars indicates one of the best games ever, four denotes a potential best-of-the-decade contest, three marks duels that have a chance at ranking as season-best, two tags matches you can expect to watch at least once a month, and finally the lone star is assigned to the remaining games.

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