5 Movies Moms Can't Watch Without Bawling

| by MomLogic

Motherhood changes everything -- including what movies we can sit through without losing it.

Remember the days when you could spend hours of your free time watching movies? Neither do we. But now, as moms, when we actually do have time, some classic movies are just too gut-wrenching for us to stand. Says one mom, "Now that I have kids, I can't watch ANYTHING with violence against children, kids being sick, kids being sad, abused, neglected ... NOTHING!" We're right there with her. Here are five movies that moms should avoid at all costs:

kramer vs kramer "Kramer vs. Kramer" (1979) 
This thoughtful study of a dad who is forced to become the primary caregiver of his 7-year-old son after his wife leaves them demands a box of tissues even if you don't have kids. But as moms, we think that the idea that Meryl Streep just walks out and leaves her child for 18 months is beyond heartbreaking.
"Terms of Endearment" (1983)
Before we had kids, we praised this tearjerker for the great acting. Now we watch in an inconsolable crumpled heap as Debra Winger's character, stricken with cancer, says goodbye to her two sons. It's enough to make you want to grab on to your kids and never let go.
sophies choice "Sophie's Choice" (1982)
Meryl Streep's at it again, this time playing a mom named Sophie, who is forced by a Nazi to choose life for one of her children -- and death for the other. No matter how strong of a person you think you are, you will not be able to handle the scene wherein the Nazi guard carts Sophie's screaming child off to the gas chamber.
mommy dearest "Mommie Dearest" (1981)
This campy movie loses its luster after you have children. Who can bear watching poor Christina being yanked out of bed in the middle of night by her abusive mother and then being forced to scrub the bathroom floor? "No wire hangers"? We say no "Mommy Dearest"!
oliver "Oliver!" (1968)
Yeah, we know this one is a musical. But despite the upbeat "Consider Yourself" number, the movie contains little malnourished orphan boys living in the squalor of a turn-of-the-century workhouse. And don't even get us started on the Roman Polanski remake ....