From Natalie Portman to Nicole Kidman: Top 10 Greenest Oscar Nominees

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The biggest night in film is only a few days away! Check out the top 10 Greenest Oscar Nominees via Ecorazzi.

With the Oscars fast approaching, we will soon know who are the best filmmakers and performers of the year. But who in Hollywood is deserving of top honors when it comes to being green? We here at Ecorazzi would like to present the ten most eco-active nominees at this year’s Oscars. Who will take the top spot? Will it be an animal-friendly vegan? A eco-warrior environmentalist? Perhaps both? Read on to find out which of the Hollywood stars hoping for an Oscar on Sunday are also worthy of some eco-praise!


nicole kidman yoga Top 10 Greenest Oscar Nominees | via Ecorazzi

1. Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidman’s humanitarian efforts over the years are numerous: most recently, she (along with husband Keith Urban) has been involved in the rebuilding of Haiti, helping to fund schools and defend women’s rights. Her commitment to a green lifestyle is strong as well, though, as she supports a local farm near her home in Nashville. Kidman does her own farming as well, both on her 36-acre farm in Nashville and on her 100-acre cattle ranch in Australia. She even cares for a pack of alpacas!

colin firth yoga Top 10 Greenest Oscar Nominees | via Ecorazzi

2. Colin Firth

British actor Colin Firth is a favorite to win Best Actor for his portrayal of the stuttering King George VI in “The King’s Speech”, which is also a frontrunner for Best Picture. Firth doesn’t consider himself to be an eco-warrior, but he does co-own the London sustainable goods store Eco-Age along with his wifeLivia. Livia is a committed greenie, and has been seen at many of the awards ceremonies and events in recent months in eco-friendly dresses made from sustainable materials. Together, they make a lovely Hollywood eco-couple!

After winning at the Golden Globes, SAG awards, and BAFTA awards, Colin is all but guaranteed a win at this year’s Oscars. And well-deserved, we say!

jeff bridges yoga Top 10 Greenest Oscar Nominees | via Ecorazzi

3. Jeff Bridges

Another committed humanitarian, Jeff Bridges has recently beenfighting world hunger with the “No Kid Hungry” campaign. ”The Dude” also has it out for plastic water bottles, as he is part of the Pollution Coalition, an organization dedicated to reducing waste and pollution. Bridges made sure that Disney did not use plastic water bottles during his publicity tour for “TRON: Legacy”, and makes a point of using his own metal bottle whenever possible.

Bridges is an Oscar regular and is enjoying his sixth overall and second consecutive nomination this year: he won Best Actor last year for his role as Bad Blake in “Crazy Heart”.

darren aronofsky Top 10 Greenest Oscar Nominees | via Ecorazzi

5. Darren Aronofsky & Black Swan

Director Darren Aronofsky has shown his passion for protecting animals in the past, as he teamed up with PETA to help fight animal circuses. On the set of “Black Swan” (which also starred the uber-green Natalie Portman), Aronofsky made sure that plastic water bottles and styrofoam plates were banned. Instead, the cast and crew were given re-usable containers and other eco-friendly dinnerware, making the set of the five-category Oscar-nominated film one of the greenest out there.


natalie portman Top 10 Greenest Oscar Nominees | via Ecorazzi

8. Natalie Portman

If you didn’t know before that Natalie Portman is a vegan, then you certainly know now: her recent pregnancy has everyone talking about being vegan while pregnant, and vegan motherhood. Despite the challenges, Portman sticks to her vegan diet and makes plenty of other humanitarian efforts as well: she has been working with “Free the Children” to provide an education to kids who need it (helping to open an all-girls secondary school in Kenya) and has teamed up with multiple organizations to limit mercury pollution, which would not only help us human folk but also be great for the environment.

Portman has already won the Golden Globe, BAFTA, and SAG awards for her role as Nina in “Black Swan”, and is a favorite to win the Oscar as well

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