Wesley Snipes Teaching Yoga in Jail

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Former movie star and actor of all trades Wesley Snipes is currently in jail serving a 3-year term following a federal tax conviction. While the star of movies such as Blade and White Men Can’t Jump ain’t exactly qualified to teach you about paying taxes, TMZ has learned that Snipes is teaching yoga while he’s locked up in jail!

wesley snipes yoga jail | Wesley Snipes is teaching Jail!

Sources tell TMZ that Snipes is teaching yoga to some of the other inmates at the McKean Correctional Facility in Pennsylvania. We’re told Snipes requested yoga mats for himself and a few others… and his request was granted.

We say right on Mr. Snipes – namaste to you you friend, keep on spreading the yoga!

I mean…c’mon wouldn’t you want to learn how to do surya namaskar from a guy with moves like these?


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