Tiger Woods Withdraws From Tourney, Mocked by Ryder Cup Captain

| by Alex Groberman

Former Ryder Cup team captain Paul Azinger had this reaction to Tiger Woods’ injury caused withdrawal from the PGA Players Championship:

"Could this have been prevented by a good Swedish massage?"

The amusing tweet was a play on both Woods’ injury, and his recent well-covered sexual escapades with over 100 women.

Early Sunday Tiger Woods withdrew from the Players Championship tournament with what he suspected might be a bulging disk in his upper back.

Woods called for an official after hitting his drive on the seventh hole. He hit his second shot and then walked off to shake hands with his playing partner. Shortly after, he left on a golf cart.

Later, Woods said to reporters:

“I’ve been playing with a bad neck for about a month…I’ve been playing through it…I can’t play through it anymore.”

Woods told reporters he first felt the injury before the Masters tournament. According to the world’s number one golfer, he was having a lot of trouble with the pain and there was a constant tingling sensation on his right side all the way down to his fingers.

Swing coach Hank Haney had this to say regarding the matter to reporters via text message:

“I knew his neck had been bothering him but Tiger doesn’t ever make excuses, so it was hard to tell just how bad it was…Having said that he won the US Open on a broken leg and if he couldn’t play anymore today it must be pretty bad.”

Golfer Phil Mickelson had a chance to capitalize on Woods’ withdrawal to become the world’s No. 1 ranked golfer, but failed to do so. Mickelson ultimately ended up losing the tournament to Tim Clark.

Woods will have an MRI later in the week.