This Mommy's Face

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by Jessica M. Lang, Holistic Health Practitioner

This mommy's face...nice and plain!

There was a time when I couldn’t imagine leaving the house without makeup on.  I actually felt naked without it. 

  • There was eye-liner, thick as permanent marker
  • There was faded or smokey eye-shadow (at least 3 shades together)
  • There was jet-black mascara to finish off my sexy eyes
  • There was dramatic blush on the cheekbones
  • Lip-liner, lip-stick, lip-gloss…3 layer process…

That was how I knew my face.  It had to look the same everyday.  The prospect of running into someone with a bare face was actually horrifying to me.  So, I would apply my makeup, look in the mirror and think, “you look good enough to interact with people now,” and the daily routine would begin.

Well, its been about 3.5 years since the birth of my oldest son, and that is when the daily makeup routine turned into a “special occassion” routine.  As time went on I got to know my face in a different way.  I could actually SEE what I looked like and I came to appreciate my God-given features.  If I am looking particularly tired I will dawn a little blush and maybe some lip-gloss (1 layer only) to give myself a little more color.  Until a few days ago when I was on my way to a Baby-Shower.  I got all dolled up!  I pulled out 3 makeup bags, straightened my hair, and even wore different jewelry.  I walked into the living room, where my kids were playing.  My oldest, Nathan was really STARING at me, with concern:

Nathan: Mommy?…

Me: Yes, honey?

Nathan: Why did you change your lips?  Your lips are suppose to look the same as mine everyday!

Me: Don’t you like my makeup?  Do I look pretty?

Nathan: No, not at all!  You are not suppose to have purple eyes.  I want your skin to look plain like it is on MY body. 

Me: Well, I’m going out to a party and I wanted to look pretty.  Come here, give me a hug!

Nathan: No, you will make my face purple and make my skin sparkle!!!!

So, of course, after this conversation, I headed straight to the mirror, to scrutinize my “changed face.”  I felt like a clown.  I was looking into the face of someone else!  It was my pre-children-self.  It was actually a profound moment.  Who was this diva I masquerading as?  Why did I need to look like I was going to the prom to go to a baby shower?  A recent poll at reveals that 76% of Mom’s do NOT wear makeup daily.  This tells me that I am not alone in my naked and natural face and perhaps other children have asked their mommies why they have changed their face. 

I will now appreciate my very special daily face ritual…

This mommy’s face:

  • will be dawned with cuddles
  • covered with drool and teeth marks and kisses
  • it will be there for my baby when he’s nursing, to reach up and touch my mouth
  • it will be nice and “plain” for my 3 year old, when we do “noseys” and “owl eyes”
  • and it will be right where it belongs…in between the faces of my two little sidekicks…skin-to-skin… without my diva mask