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Alabama and Oregon: College Football Review Week 13

| by Sports Nickel

What a week. We very nearly had a monumental upset atop the BCS standings, but Alabama couldn’t hang on against Auburn. Oregon dismantled Arizona, but still dropped to #2 in the BCS Standings. And of course, Boise State fell to Nevada in overtime- a shocking result that created quite a ruckus among those who don’t believe that the Broncos ever belonged in the National Championship discussion. 

Boise’s loss was significant on many levels. It ended the nation’s longest winning streak at 24 games.  It ended Boise’s shot at a BCS berth this season. It fueled the argument that smaller schools shouldn’t be compared to the power programs due to weaker schedules.

But it also opened the door for TCU, a fellow non-AQ team that is about to clinch a spot in the Rose Bowl against Wisconsin. So one buster’s demise is another’s salvation…

Here are our week 13 numbers:

The individual rankings for week 13 were:

Rank Strobl Rank Mitchell Rank Bigalke
1 Oregon 1 Oregon 1 Oregon
2 TCU 2 Auburn 2 TCU
3 Aubrun 3 TCU 3 Auburn
4 Stanford 4 Stanford 4 Wisconsin
5 Wisconsin 5 Wisconsin 5 Stanford
6 Ohio State 6 Ohio State 6 Ohio State
7 Arkansas 7 Arkansas 7 Nevada
8 Michigan State 8 Michigan State 8 Michigan State
9 Boise State 9 Boise State 9 Boise State
10 Oklahoma 10 Virginia Tech 10 Virginia Tech
  Next 3   Next 3   Next 3
  Oklahoma State   Oklahoma   Oklahoma
  LSU   LSU   Arkansas
  Nevada   Nevada   Northern Illinois
  Last out   Last out   Last out
  Alabama   Oklahoma State   LSU

We’ll be back each week with updated rankings as part of the Packing up The Grill series.

Previous rankings:


*About the Composite Rankings: Composite Rankings are determined by tabulating the rankings provided by each of the three Tailgater contributors. Teams receive between 1 and 13 points for their respective positions in a given “Top 10″ or “Next 3″ list. Higher point totals equal better rankings. Ties are broken based on how the respective teams were ranked by each contributor.

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