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NCAA Football

College Football Preview: Nebraska, Utah, Wisconsin, TCU

| by Sports Nickel

As the end of the season closes in, we’re left with fewer and fewer contenders each week. Week 12 saw Nebraska fall to Texas A&M, meaning that the Cornhuskers must now win the Big 12 in order to earn a BCS berth. With another shaky victory, Utah has likely played itself out of contention. And Iowa’s slim hopes were dashed by a Buckeyes rally.

On the other hand, Wisconsin and Stanford strengthened their cases for consideration, further proving that they’re the best of the 1-loss teams.

And huge matchups loom in week 13: Auburn must face Alabama in the Iron Bowl in a game that could make or break this magical tigers’ season. 

If Auburn or Oregon stumble, TCU or Boise will almost certainly be in the National Championship Game, and that’s something that many of us have been longing to see. As dramatic as the year has been, the biggest fireworks could still be ahead of us. 

Here are our week 12 numbers. Note that there were no week 11 rankings:

The individual rankings for week 12 were:

Rank Strobl Rank Mitchell Rank Bigalke
1 Oregon 1 Oregon 1 Boise State
2 TCU 2 TCU 2 Oregon
3 Boise State 3 Auburn 3 TCU
4 Auburn 4 Boise State 4 Auburn
5 Stanford 5 Stanford 5 Wisconsin
6 Wisconsin 6 Wisconsin 6 Stanford
7 Oklahoma State 7 LSU 7 Oklahoma State
8 Ohio State 8 Ohio State 8 Ohio State
9 LSU 9 Oklahoma State 9 LSU
10 Michigan State 10 Michigan State 10 Nevada
  Next 3   Next 3   Next 3
  Alabama   Alabama   Michigan State
  Arkansas   Arkansas   Virginia Tech
  Oklahoma   Virginia Tech   Alabama
  Last out   Last out   Last out
  Nebraska   Nebraska   Nebraska

We’ll be back each week with updated rankings as part of the Packing up The Grill series.

Previous rankings:


*About the Composite Rankings: Composite Rankings are determined by tabulating the rankings provided by each of the three Tailgater contributors. Teams receive between 1 and 13 points for their respective positions in a given “Top 10″ or “Next 3″ list. Higher point totals equal better rankings. Ties are broken based on how the respective teams were ranked by each contributor.

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