The Poetry of Yoga, Connecting Poetry, Writing, and Life

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The Poetry of Yoga is an amazing book, set for release in winter 2011, which features some of today’s greatest yoga teachers!

The Project

Scheduled for release in winter 2011, “The Poetry of Yoga,” is being edited by teacher, artist, community organizer, and author HAWAH.

It will explore topics such as:
sustainability, responsibility, truth, nonviolence, compassion, transformation, freedom, suffering, love, balance, and service.

It is featuring the writing of inspirational teachers such as:
Hemalayaa Behl, Santi Devi, Zaccai Free, John Friend, Jean-Jacques Gabriel, Sharon Gannon, Joseph Goldstein, Dr. James Gordon, Faith Hunter, Alanna Kaivalya, Gurmukh Kaur Kalsa, Gary Kraftsow, Leza LowitzJason NemerJJ Semple, Gina Sharp, Rod Stryker, Doug Swenson, and Shiva Rea.


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How it Came to Be…

In a decade of bringing peace education to inner-city children in Washington, DC, nonprofit leader HawaH has seen yoga transform lives.

“Just learning how to sit still and listen to silence reduces stress and violent behavior,” HawaH testifies.  “Teaching children deep breathing also increases their awareness of how the body and mind interact.  The body is essential for the health of the mind, and the mind for the health of the body.”

HawaH, who is also a yoga instructor, author, and spoken-word poet, helped found the nonprofit One Common Unity in 2000 to educate young people about alternatives to violence.  Now, at a time when nonprofits are struggling to keep their doors open, HawaH is raising funds through a new literary project entitled The Poetry of Yoga. This collection of visionary writing will include work by inspirational figures in the world of yoga such as Sharon Gannon, John Friend, Shiva Rea, and Rod Stryker, among many others.

In addition to the featured writers for the compilation, HawaH is seeking online submissions from people around the world who love poetry and yoga. During the past year, he has led workshops at yoga studios nationwide encouraging participants to stretch into both, moving their bodies while flexing their creative minds.

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“Doing yoga pushes you inside, and writing makes you communicate outwardly,” says HawaH.  “Practicing both together, you can realize a healthy balance for creative flow.”

Anyone interested in submitting work for possible inclusion in The Poetry of Yoga can do so at  Contributors are invited to reflect on the ways that yoga shifts the landscape of human experience in areas such as sustainability, truth, nonviolence, freedom, suffering, love, balance, and service.

Since part of the proceeds from the book sales will benefit One Common Unity, those who write in to share how yoga enriches their lives will also help enrich the lives of children.  More information on this organization is available at

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