With Kobe Bryant Passing Ball, Lakers are Exceptional

| by Dwight Jaynes

All the crap I hear about “putting the ball in your best player’s hands” and “creating your own shot” and all the other garbage… Have you watched the Lakers lately?

Ball movement. Player movement. Kobe Bryant is one of the very select few players who can just take the ball wherever he pleases and score almost at will. But the Lakers are playing the best basketball in the NBA right now and it’s because Bryant DOESN’T take off one-on-one.

The Lakers are in constant movement. They move the ball. And they’re spreading the responsibility — and the shots — around. They’re a TEAM. I don’t care whether you’re a fan of that team or not, you have to be able to appreciate what they’re doing and how they’re playing.

The game looks so easy to the Lakers. And it’s because they know how to play the game correctly. That team’s basketball IQ is off the charts. It’s a great collection of smart players.

Look, I know most people in Portland reading this are Laker haters and that’s fine. This has nothing to do with that. Look at the big picture. Don’t get distracted by a game or two along the line or even by a few losses or wins, especially early in the season. Watch the way teams play — the way they carry themselves.

In the long run, it’s what matters.

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