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The Dark Side of Chuck E. Cheese

| by DeepDiveAdmin
Since 1977, Chuck E. Cheese's restaurants have brought families together for food, games and boundless entertainment. But behind the flashing arcade lights exists a dark undercurrent of violence. Perhaps parents are aggressively protective of their children, or maybe it's just a dangerous mix of alcohol and animatronics, but for whatever reason, the Chuck E. Cheese's in Brookfield, Wisconsin has seen more violence over the past year than any other restaurant in the state. According to The Wall Street Journal, since January of 2007, police have had to break up a dozen fights at the Brookfield location, one of which involved as many as 40 people.

Similar events have been reported at Chuck E. Cheese's locations all over the country, including a fight between two mothers in Topeka, Kansas, a brutal attack on a man in Matteson, Illinois, and an unfortunate shoe-throwing incident in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. What's worse, in Flint, Michigan, police had to spray pepper gas into the local Chuck E. Cheese's in order to break up an altercation involving an estimated 85 people. Happy birthday, Timmy; now cover your eyes and run for your life.

It may surprise some parents to learn that many Chuck E. Cheese’s locations serve alcohol, and many theorize that this is to blame for much of the violence. In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, Milwaukee alderman Tony Zielinksy, who called for the removal of the restaurant's liquor license in 2006, said, "What parent is going to take their kids to a place where there is alcohol and pistols being brandished?"

So think twice the next time your child brings home a good report card and says, "I want Chuck E. Cheese." You might just be playing skee ball with your family's safety.