Would Danny Ferry Be a Good GM for the Portland Trail Blazers?

| by Dwight Jaynes

I’m hearing a lot of chatter out there from people adamantly opposed to the hiring of Danny Ferry. And to me, it’s for all the wrong reasons. Oh, there are reasons — and I’ll get to them in a moment. But I have to say, the one thing he has that people are using most against him — his track record — is actually the best thing he has going for him.

I’m hearing a lot of stuff like, “Well, he had LeBron James and couldn’t win” and “he couldn’t even figure out how to fill in around LeBron well enough to win even one title.”


The Cavs made it to an NBA Finals and then for the past two seasons had the best record in the NBA. I think what really happened is that given the parameters of the salary cap, Ferry did a very nice job of filling up a roster the best he could. People were raving about the job he did last season, right up until the Cavs bombed out of the playoffs.

But the reason they were bumped out of the postseason was as much about LeBron as anything else. In the time when “The Chosen One” was supposed to step up and be something special — in the Boston series — he rolled over on them and turned into a big dog. Sorry, but LeBron, as much as anything else, was why Cleveland didn’t win a championship last season.

When he couldn’t perform, the rest of them couldn’t, either. And trust me, James all but quit on the Cavs in a couple of those games.

I don’t think you can blame Ferry for that.

My concerns about Ferry have more to do with his management style. From what I understand, he’s as abrasive as a GM as he was as a player. (And make no mistake about it, he made no friends as a player — including Marcus Camby, who once punched Jeff Van Gundy by mistake trying to hit Ferry. This is not great video, but it’s a look at that incident.)

Ferry was not real popular among a lot of the people working for him. Now while that’s not a deal breaker, I’m not sure he’s exactly what this team needs right now.

Meanwhile, as of one day ago, Randy Pfund had not even been contacted or interviewed by the Blazers — and he’s arguably carrying a better resume than Ferry. Not sure how that happened.

But Ferry certainly is a dealmaker and hasn’t been out of the league like Pfund for the last couple of seasons. And it appears that Ferry so far has the inside track.

And while there may be some concerns about his style, I’m not sure his track record is anything but solid.

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