"Biggest Loser" Show Branches Out Into Meal Delivery

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The Biggest Loser Meal Plan, sponsored by eDiets, is a meal delivery service that provides plenty of variety in flavorful, healthy food delivered to your door.

Fit Celeb spoke with two former 'Biggest Loser' contestants - Cherita Andrews and Erik Chopin - who have tasted and used the plan to maintain their healthy lifestyle.

Here's what to expect with the Biggest Loser Meal Plan:


I can tell you that this is one of the best things that has come around in a long time, because what it does is simplify your weight loss program. The Biggest Loser Meal Plan, that's sponsored by eDiet, is getting breakfast, lunch and dinner, along with your snacks, delivered right to your door - and all you have to add is a little fresh fruit and a little dairy - and you got a full plan that's going to help you be successful. It comes in the right portion's all about taking the thought out of what you're going to eat. Erik can tell you the food is delicious...

Erik adds:

It really is delicious. I really desire food that tastes good. We're not talking about bland diet food.

Some of the meal plan entrees include:

  • Fajitas
  • Fried beans
  • Chicken w/ snap peas
  • Stuffed chicken breast
  • Pot roast

Erik reiterates that it "takes all the thinking out, takes all the measuring out, it's really good."

So are there customized plans?


It's almost like with this food here, they went to and picked out all my favorites, which is what you do. You go to, you log on, you pick which foods you like (it's like being in a restaurant), you get to pick out which foods are best - I always order the chicken with the apple sausage with the pancakes because that's one of my favorite breakfasts - and so it's not like you have certain foods that they send You get to choose what you're going to eat. Again it comes to you freshly prepared.

Erik added:

You have the ability to give yourself variety.

Which are your favorite meals?


I have to go with the cheesy chicken breast.


I'm from Texas, so of course I have to go with the tex-mex chicken quesadilla with the black beans - it's absolutely my favorite.

Is the meal plan good for those who suffer from heart disease and diabetes?


We don't have a specific plan for diabetics, but of course all the nutrition information is right there on the website. Whatever your physician says is appropriate for you, you can go to the website, look at the different meals, there's many, many choices. You can go and make sure that the nutrition information on the meals you select is going to line up with the plan that your doctor has given you. So again, the variety gives you the opportunity to whatever plan your on, whatever your dealing with, you can customize a plan for that specific issue.


And for me I was a type 2 diabetic, and I know that when I speak with a doctor the first words [attached] for type 2 diabetes is exercise and eating healthy.

Erik's motivational tips to maintain a healthy lifestyle:

I think 2 things for me...

  1. If you go to the gym, you have to come out with something that makes you feel happy - don't feel stuck on the treadmill.
  2. And, for me, eating things that taste good that give me variety.
I have to have variety, I can't have a piece of grapefruit and some kind of rice cereal with skim milk for breakfast, and then eat chicken and plain vegetables. I have to have things with spice and seasoned.

'The Biggest Loser' meal plan consists of protein, smart carbohydrates and vegetables.

So is the meal plan sustainable long term?


I think it can go either way. I think that most definitely this could be the way you eat for the rest of your life, because of the fact of the variety and the fact that it's changing.


The biggest benefit of the program is, like Eric said, it gives you variety. It allows you to take some things that you probably wouldn't ever have tried before. And then when you do go back into eating, and cooking and all of that, number one: you know what portion size is going to be right, because you've seen it over and over. You also learned some things you wouldn't have tried before, that now you can bring into your diet, that are going to help you be successful.

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