The Best Wedding Dress for Your Body Type

| by Fit Bottomed Girls

Credit: Foxtongue

When it came to planning my wedding, finding the dress was probably my favorite part of the process. I stepped away from work for a full day so my mom and I could hit a local bridal store where I found myself trying on dress after dress. I had never been much of a girlie-girl, yet unexpectedly had a blast wearing different styles and standing up on the bridal stage in the fitting room. I mean, when else do you get to see how something looks on you from every angle? It was quite the experience.

As I tried on each dress and attempted to find the one that I both looked good and felt good in, one thing became painfully clear: I didn’t know a single thing about wedding dresses! From styles to sizing to altering—it was all a big mystery to me. I got through the process by asking every married female I knew how it all worked (along with the patient staff at the bridal store) and managed to stay the same weight from engagement to wedding day. But, an easy-to-follow guide would have helped me narrow down my dress choices to a few styles—something that could have saved hours of shopping and negated any anxiety I had about fitting into that darn dress.

Because I didn’t have a “wedding dress guide” and learned instead through serious trial-and-error, I wanted to share some real tricks and tips of wedding-dress shopping to help you find your perfect dress without the headache and stress that can go along with shopping and alterations. After all, wedding planning is enough work in its own right, and dress shopping should be the fun part!

Continue reading for a no-stress guide to finding your perfect, most flattering fit! —Jenn