Texas Yoga Association Marches on Capital to Protest New Regulation

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In Texas, yogis protest new state-mandated regulations may not benefit students and may cost studios big.

The Texas Yoga Association was founded by our dear friend Jennifer Buergermeister.

From the Texas Yoga Association :

texas yoga protest 226x300 Texas Yoga Association Marches on Capital to Protest New Regulation

Over 1,500 Texans have signed a petition sponsored by the Texas Yoga Association (TYA) to pass House Bills No. 1839 by Representative Phillips and 2167 by Representative Murphy that aim to keep government from regulating yoga. In support of moving the bills through legislation, the TYA invites yoga enthusiasts, state representatives and anyone who supports the future of health and wellness to practice yoga together on the Southeast corner of the Texas State Capitol lawn at Congress and 11th Street in Austin, Texas on Wednesday, March 16, 2011 from 5:30 to 7:00 p.m. House Representative Eddie Lucio III will lead other representatives and staff to meet the yoga enthusiasts in promotion of a healthy lifestyle, and musician David Berkeley will be flying in from Atlanta to perform at the peaceful demonstration of yoga for wellness.

Operating on the premise that offering a teacher training program for yoga instructors classifies a yoga studio as a “post-secondary career school or college,” the Texas Workforce Commission (TWC) began the movement to regulate training programs across the state. Texas Yoga Conference President and Executive Director Jennifer Buergermeister states: “Regulation by the Texas Workforce Commission is not appropriate for yoga studios and does not benefit yoga students. Regardless of what stance is taken on this important issue, of whether or not there should be some standards regarding what a yoga teacher training program consists of, the State of Texas (Texas Workforce Commission) is not the proper entity to make that determination. By staging this peaceful demonstration, we hope to keep regulation out of our over 5,000 year old tradition.”

texas yoga protest circle 204x300 Texas Yoga Association Marches on Capital to Protest New RegulationJanuary 2011. Yogis gathered in mandala inside the capitol building chanting OM.

Buergermeister, who is based in Houston, will travel to Austin on a bus full of Houstonians that afternoon to lead the class. Her advocacy for yoga derives from a deep-rooted passion that yoga is for everyone and has the capacity to unite people. She believes Texas can become a “mecca for yoga” for visitors from all over the world to enjoy and is steadily working toward making this goal a reality.

Bus leaves from Houston at 10 a.m. sharp on Wed, March 16th at 3641 Westheimer Rd. 77027 in River Oaks, traveling to Austin and returning around midnight the same day. The Texas Yoga Association will peacefully rally in support of bill to keep government from regulating yoga and invites yogis far and wide to join a mass yoga class on the State Capitol lawn March 16 from 5:30 to 7:00 p.m.