NFL Preview: Texans vs. Denver Broncos

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Both the Texans and Broncos are out of the NFL Playoff hunt but they still have a lot to play for. Everyone is fighting for jobs for next year and out to show that they deserving, including the two coaches.

Former running backs coach and interim head coach Eric Studesvill is out to prove that he has what it takes in the NFL to be a head coach and Gary is out to prove that he deserves to remain an NFKL head coach. The most interesting aspect there is that he may be auditioning more for the Broncos job for next year than for retaining his current Texans head coaching position.

As Jon Elway's long time backup, Kubiak and Elway are close. And since Elway is expected to soon announce that he will take a prominent front office position with the Broncos, many speculate that Elway will attempt to bring in his old teammate.

The other reason to watch is Tim Tebow. Tebow gets his second NFL start on Sunday and everyone is looking to see how he progresses. He showed some flashes in his debut, now coaches and fans are looking for some consistency.

Our own NFL Scout, Jayson Braddock, breaks it all down for you...........

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* As heard on the Dylan Gwinn show on Sports Radio 790 AM in Houston, TX

Notes & Tidbits

  • Brian Cushing is posing more of a threat to his own teammates than the opposition of late.
  • Texans quarterback Matt Schaub has a 97 passer rating on the road this season.
  • Houston's Arian Foster is tied for the franchise record with 13 rushing touchdowns this season
  • Tebow's 40-yard rushing touchdown last week was the longest by a quarterback in Broncos history.
  • Denver's D.J. Williams leads the team with 112 tackles.

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