Study Says AOL Users Most Likely to Visit Strip Clubs

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In today’s world of Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo, it’s rare to come across someone who still uses an AOL email address. But they do exist. Scrolling through the list of emails a forwarded message was sent to, at least one is sure to end in

When we see an AOL email address, we might think the person is older or maybe a father who doesn’t care too much about being up-to-date on the latest tech trends.

But one study suggests these AOL users might be “strip club aficionados,” as event planning group Chillisauce found them to be more likely to plan a visit to a strip club.

They analyzed the data of 100,000 customers and found that those with @AOL addresses were most likely to plan a visit to a strip club with friends.

Gmail and Hotmail users were a little classier, with a tendency to plan activities like pub crawls, dinner, and nightclub visits.

They also made some other interesting findings. According to the site, iPhone users have the most friends, as they book trips with an average group size of 15 or more. Nexus users are less popular.

“Google Nexus owners, on the other hand, are less popular with the smallest group size of five or less,” a release said.

Now, AOL users everywhere might be worried about how others are thinking of them.

“There could be plenty of men with AOL addresses who are now sweating about what their wives and girlfriends think they get up to,” Chillisauce director said.