Microsoft Creates Guide for Employees Living In UK

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In an effort to help their American employees adjust to British life when they move to the U.K., Microsoft created a 44-page guide with tips and advice.

It includes reminders to leave firearms at home and what time to eat breakfast.

It’s called ‘A Guide to Working and Living in Cambridge,’ and has been given to employees relocating to their new European research headquarters.

The guide even goes into detail about fish and chips, calling them a “national treat of fish, e.g. cod, fried in a crispy batter.”

They explain pubs as “much more than plan bar,” and to expect “homely places full of historical character (and characters).”

And perhaps the most detailed description is of the country’s “Chinese” food.

It says: “Be warned that although this exotic cuisine is largely cherished by the British, the takeaways produce food adapted to the British taste and so will not necessarily be as authentic as dishes eaten in those particular countries - slight more cooking oil and MSG food additive than perhaps should be used!”

There is useful information on accommodation, parking, and using the Post Office.

Then they include a glossary of English terms, like “flat” and how British public schools are private.

Though President Obama’s healthcare bill has been protested by many Americans, the book praises England’s NHS, saying it is “generally considered to be of an excellent standard.”

They do explain that there are “long waiting lists” meaning some people opt for private healthcare on top of NHS provision.

Cambridge Mayor Sheila Stuart, who is originally from the Pacific Northwest of America, said adjusting to the different food times was difficult.

“Moving here was a very strange experience for me. It took me a long time to make sense of it. You could not get coffee late at night,” she said.

Microsoft spent £40 million preparing the new offices, which was the same cost as building it.