Ohio Teen Samantha Manns Performing 89 Acts of Kindness to Commemorate Her Great Grandmother's 89 years

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An Ohio teen, saddened by the loss of her great-grandmother, has decided to perform 89 acts of kindness commemorating her 89 years.

Samantha Manns, 18, has gained national attention after announcing on her Facebook, “I am performing 89 acts of kindness to remember the 89 years my great grandmother spent sharing her kindness.” So far, the Facebook page has received 7,000 likes.

Manns’ great grandmother Virginia Booth, nicknamed Jinjey, died in February, and the idea for the acts of kindness struck her while thinking about some of her last words.

'Some of her last words were, "I don’t want anybody to be upset." And I was really upset for a few days,' Manns told the Chillicothe Gazette. 'Then I thought, "Maybe I can’t be happy right now, but I can do things to make other people happy."

So far, Manns has paid for strangers’ food, baked a surprise cake for a friend, and donated blood.

Manns’ unusual, but thoughtful way to honor her great grandmother’s memory has also inspired others to do the same.

Manns’ first act, as documented on her Facebook page, tells of her going through a McDonald’s drive through and paying for her dinner, as well as the dinner of the woman behind her.

“When I watched her reaction upon receiving her paper instead of a receipt with a cost on it; she started to cry and smiled huge! It made me very happy to see her reaction,” Manns wrote.

Then, Manns experienced an unexpected act of kindness during her second act:

“Act Two; Thursday, February 21, 2013: Again, another drive-through pay it forward :) But this time, the act began a chain, and the man paid for the car behind HIM! What an awesome experience!' she wrote.

Manns has been humbled with all the attention she’s received from her efforts, but stresses she’s focused on the importance of the mission and spreading her grandmother's message.

“I want people to feel the happiness that comes with giving selflessly and with caring uncontrollably. While it's a good feeling to be known, it's an even better and more rewarding feeling to know I'm inspiring people to commit their OWN acts of kindness! Thank you, everyone who has been supporting me and Jinjey through this!”

Source: Daily Mail