Department of Education Website Kids' Zone Quotes Mao Zedong

| by Michael Allen

The "Kids' Zone" of the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) website, which is part of the Department of Education's Institute of Education Sciences, accidentally quoted China's Chairman Mao Zedong, reports, after it was tweeted by The Nation's Lee Fang.

Following the incident, NCES Press Secretary Daren Briscoe issued this statement: “The Kids’ Zone website hosted by the National Center of Education Statistics earlier today featured a poorly chosen quote, intended to highlight the importance of teaching and learning, in the ‘Quote of the Day’ feature."

"This feature, which automatically generates one education-related quote per day from a database of quotes last updated in 2007, has been temporarily suspended pending a review of the database’s contents.”

Source: and Twitter


After it was caught there was no "quote of the day."

A quote by Abraham Lincoln finally filled the section.