Alex Jones Goes on Angry Rant Against Google, 'CIA Criminal Front' (Video)

| by Michael Allen

Conspiracy theorist and founder Alex Jones recently went on angry rant against Google, Facebook, and YouTube, noted

Expelling most of his wrath on the search engine giant, Jones claimed that Google was a "CIA criminal front" under the "black wings of the New World Order," according to

Apparently Jones is upset because Google is supposedly flagging his website (and on Google Chrome as having malware. As proof, Jones cited an article on

“Use it like a toilet! Use Facebook to jack their system," yelled Jones. "And jack ‘em hard! But hate ‘em, and spit on ‘em while you do it. Same thing with YouTube. And all of it. Jack the enemy conduits. Jack it hard and hate ‘em! And spit on ‘em while you do it.”

“Google is the one jacking and breaking through your pass codes. And spying. And Schmidt says, ‘You shouldn’t visit anything you don’t want me to see.’ On a power trip. What a joke! By the way he only sold 10,000 of his book. What a joke you are, scumbag. Just because you can run a CIA criminal front, doesn’t mean you actually ever did anything, little man! Hope you’re cozy under the black wings of the New World Order!”

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