World's Smallest and Lightest Phone Willcom Phone Strap 2 Debuts

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The world’s smallest cell phone weighs 32 grams. It hardly compares to either the Apple iPhone or the Android in terms of features offered, but the most recent version of it now has a function that makes it slightly more competitive: email.

Willcom’s Phone Strap 2 will launch in Japan on March 21st as the newest version of its predecessor, the WXo3A. It still has the same 32mm x 70mm footprint and utilizes a one-inch display and ten-key keyboard as before. Along with the newly implemented email capability, the phone can also make calls and send text messages.

The phone is definitely unique, but is still relatively impractical, especially compared with all of the other smart phones on the market. Willcom’s Phone Strap 2 is not suggested for those who consistently use their mobile device, which is arguably everyone who owns one. The phone doesn’t hold music or have Bluetooth capabilities and the small battery can only last for about two hours worth of voice calls.

The phone can only be purchased with a standalone contract.