TED Fellow Eddie Huang Compares TED Conference to 'Scientology Summer Camp' (Video)

| by Michael Allen

Former TED Fellow Eddie Huang recently appeared on comedian Joe Rogan's Internet radio show on, where he explained why he was kicked out of TED (video below).

Huang is an Asian-American restaurateur, blogger, author and TV personality.

“I went through a whole week of people telling me what to do, where to be, and it was like being at a f*cking Scientology summer camp,” Huang said. “It was horrible.”

"I gave them like four or five days of my time. Every day they have 13 hours of f*cking activities. Some days 15 and 16 hours, if you go to their after events. I was like 'That's way too much f*cking human interaction.'"

"They want you to be available for networking, cocktail events, like attendees want to talk to you. You need to be available. And I was like 'Look, I've done a lot. I've put people in touch with ad agency people, other artists, I was like introducing everyone,'" added Huang.

And I thought I was doing good so I went to do DVDASA.. and now they called me today and said 'We're taking your TED Fellowship away... because you went to L.A.'"