Man Poses as Hitler on Dating App, Women Like Him

| by Michael Allen

An unidentified man recently joined the matchmaking app Tinder as "Hitler."

The profile for "Hitler" is as tastelessly as the name. He called himself the "Final Solution to your loneliness."

"Hitler" also described himself as "selfish, impatient and a little insecure about having one testicle."

While most people would be offended by someone taking on the genocidal dictator's name, several women on Tinder were charmed, reports Stylelite.com.

The Daily Dot notes that the man posed as Hitler for a month and posted some of his conversations online. Some of the women wrote:

You are sexy Mr. Adolf. Here is sum more pics of me.

I knew it would be good to swipe you right.

Okay please tell me why you chose to be Hitler.

I can't believe one of my longest Tinder conversations has been with Hitler.

According to Complex.com, another man posted his bank account balance as his profile picture on Tinder in September.

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